Who Are We?

We are a team of enthusiastic and energised physiotherapists who makes a difference. We work towards helping our patients to lead the pain-free life they always wanted to live.

Our team is led by Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Dr Max Lim (awarded by Australian College of Physiotherapist in 2013). Our team effort in patient care is proven to improve patient outcome. Together with our constant integration of new ideas, updates of our clinical skills and management strategies, our clients are able to achieve the greatest results in the best time possible.

Our Philosophy – We Care

We work closely with our patients and treat them as individuals. We believe that our patients know themselves the best and we listen to your concerns and walk you through the journey to recovery so you can maximise your health potential.

Why Choose Maxvale Physio?

We provide expert physiotherapy management of your issue(s) and customise our physiotherapy services according to your needs and based on the best evidence practice. We listen to you and work closely with you, providing the best physiotherapy experience just for you to achieve your goals.

Sponsor for CHARITY

Maxvale Physiotherapy is a sponsor at the recent fundraising event to enable Eastern Health Foundation to purchase much-needed medical equipment for Box Hill Hospital.  Read more….

Our Services

At Maxvale Physiotherapy, we offer a wide range of services in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, clinical pilates, massage, exercise physiology, physiotherapy in Glen Waverley and specialised physiotherapy in Endeavour Hills.

Whether you need an Endeavour Hills physio or a Glen Waverley physio, we can provide advanced techniques to assess, diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of health conditions. Our team of qualified and skilled professionals have experience with many different conditions, ranging from sprained ankles to chronic pain involving several areas of the body.

Our Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in Endeavour Hills focuses on spinal pains, OA conditions, orthopaedic injury and surgical rehabilitation. We can aid in the recovery of orthopaedic conditions affecting the ankle, elbow, foot, knee, head, groin, hip, neck and shoulder. Our experienced physiotherapist can help you to restore normal movement, strength and function to affected areas.

Our physiotherapist in Glen Waverley also offers back care and pain management services. Through our specialised techniques, we can help heal injuries, pain and stress as well as produce deep relaxation for your muscles. Using physiotherapy techniques coupled with massage in Endeavour Hills, we get to know your body and condition in order to ensure a better outcome with every session.

For more information on our services, contact us today.

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How can it benefit me?

Hydrotherapy utilises the principles of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics to create challenges that promote health through exercising in water. Hydrotherapy is usually conducted in water of temperature 35°C-37°C. The benefits of aquatic exercise are thought to result from the water’s unique characteristics including warmth that reduces pain and muscle spasm, buoyancy that decreases loading of joints, resistance to movement through turbulence and hydrostatic pressure,..

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What our Clients say about us

I have attended the pain management talk by Dr Max Lim, physiotherapy, exercise classes and hydrotherapy sessions with Maxvale Physiotherapy. All the staff are so helpful and understanding. I am really satisfied with the job they are doing. Maxvale Physiotherapists are the best and I will surely recommend to everyone.

Nirmal Shridhar

Dr Max Lim has been great with explaining everything in simple terms that I could relate to. I would recommend the Maxvale Pain Management talks to anyone with chronic pains. I would highly recommend Maxvale Physiotherapy. Thank you!

Tracy King

Dear Max, Thanks for your professional treatments over the last couple of years which released my pains from both physically and mentally suffering. I will definitely recommend you to all that needs help and solutions for their pains.

Yvonne Li

I was introduced to maxvale by a friend and it has really changed my body alot! Karyn is an experienced physiotherapist who is very passionate about what she does! Having a knee injury isnt easy and having the right help and guidence just what you need to get back on the right path ! The knowledge and professionalism makes all worth the visit! Highly recommend if you are unsure or scared to visit any random...

Daniel Tsuipo

I was never a big fan of physiotherapist then I went to Maxvale Physio and saw Karyn and all that changed. I have never had so much relieve from my constant back pain . Also treated me for numerous other pains. I honestly don't know where I would be without Karyn and her magic hands and smile. Highly recommend this Physiotherapy.


It has been an extraordinary process where I allowed myself to trust my health and also my mum's health in Maxvale Physiotherapy. A level of confidence that allowed me to start trusting and relaxing our body and begin to embrace life in a different light. Thank you so much in helping us to move on in our life and having painfree moments has been a tremendous boost to our confidence to put our next step...


I have been coming to see Karyn and the Maxvale Physio over a year now, in that time she has improved and helped heal my work injuries. I was so depressed and just had given up. With her laughter and experience, I find my time spent at Maxvale Physiotherapy BRILLIANT. My Mind and Body have improved 101%. I am using their services like Hydrotherapy and Pilates and I am finding them working fantastically well for...


Dear Karyn and Maxvale Physio staff, Your warmth and excellent healing hands walked me out of my painful frozen shoulders and moving me on to be self sufficient living on my own and looking after myself and my 2 dogs. I even surprised myself that i can reach up to the top shelf that I could not have been able to do that before I saw you. Thank you for giving my life back to...


I was introduced by my GP to come and see Dr Max Lim to help with my persistent back pain. Dr Max Lim has helped me so much with the pain and I now know how to help myself with management of my back pain. I also find the receptionist team is excellent with the booking of my appointment and is very efficient with helping me with my health insurance claims. Thank you Dr Max...


Hi Max, Thank you for the physio which is so effective. There's no more pain on my arm and wrist. Much appreciated. Selina


Thank you Maxvale Physio team for looking after us during our final physiotherapy placement. I know that we have said that a lot but we can't emphasise enough how much we have learnt in these 5 weeks and how much we appreciate the effort you have all put in to help us to become a better physiotherapist. To the Maxvale Physiotherapy Team: You are not only outstanding physios, but also such good teachers! Thank you...


Thank you Karyn and Maxvale Physiotherapy, Thank you for the help and guidance and encouragement that helped me reach my goal. The journey towards achieving my personal goal is tough and I believe that I couldn't have done it without your help. I will surely recommend you to my family and friends!


All of the above really it is hard to pick just one service. I have been seeing Karyn for over 2 and a bit years on and off, firstly with a management plan for spinal nerve impingement. Karyn is so caring, friendly and her skill in helping me to resume my quality of life after having physio sessions and certain exercises to strengthen my neck has worked wonderfully for me. Also since April 2014 after...

Sue Bentley

Dear Maxvale Physiotherapy Team, I would like to thank you all very much for the past week and providing me a brilliant insight into the life as a physiotherapist. I enjoyed my experience here working with each and every staff member at your practice and interacting with patients. This work placement has further cemented my desire to pursue this career and I am forever thankful to everyone at Maxvale Physiotherapy for being so welcoming. Kristian...

Kristian S.

Dear Maxvale Physio Team, Thanks for all your support throughout the year.

Paul, Sarah & Elle

Dear Max, Thank you for your treatments which released my pains from both physical and mental suffering. Thank you for your help!

Y.H. Liang

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