Comprehensive NLP Practitioner and Master NLP Practitioner Course

NLP Certification Course
NLP Certification Course

You will be learning many tools and techniques that allows you to pursue excellence and study subjective experience and how it affects our behavior. Focus on what you want, take charge of your future and be empowered!

This course spans over 4 days. You may also sign up with the comprehensive NLP Certification course that includes Modern Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy TM and NLP Coaching, a total of 8 days.

Modern Hypnosis Certification Course
Modern Hypnosis Certification Course

You will be learning how to perform hypnosis with clients to aid them with stress reduction, quitting smoking, weight reduction, performance enhancement and quitting bad habits/ addiction. Be a qualified hypnotherapist recognised by the American Board of Hypnotherapy NOW!

This course spans over 2 days.

Time Line Therapy TM NLP Coaching Course
Time Line Therapy TM NLP Coaching Course

You will be learning how to master the art of letting go of negative emotions in the past particularly anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. This also teaches you to be a life coach to clients requiring guidance in their journey in life.

This course spans over 2 days.

Comprehensive NLP Master Certification
Comprehensive NLP Master Certification

You will be learning negotiation models, personal values, discover inner filters, how to select people for different jobs, modelling excellence, how to design presentation to will appeal to any type of personality, allergy model and many more…

This course spans over 12 days.

Testimonials from our students

The course was very interesting. I learnt many unexpected things throughout the 8-day course. I would highly recommend to friends and family. My favourite part was the hypnosis weekend which we did as that was the part I was most curious about due to the social stigma of hypnosis in media. Learning about true hypnosis was very interesting, especially the legality of hypnosis when used as therapy. Thank you very much for a wonderful experience. The course taught a lot of life skills, as well as, made realisations vital for my future.

- Kent He

This NLP course makes me realise and become aware of the complexity of language and communication. This enables me to communicate with other people better, more efficiently and more effectively. I have learnt different language models and how to identify key words in people's speech. This course also gives me different tools to build rapport and helps me to identify and understand my own model of the world. It reveals my personal limitation and shows me how to resolve the issues. Real life examples and the practical sessions have been particularly useful in terms of helping me to understand and to apply NLP knowledge.

- Y.X. Chen

NLP is a complex framework, requires understanding of all building blocks. It can be frustrating initially, advice will be to learn and clarify and it will get clearer in the next few weeks and good to listen to CDs again 1- 5 times at least. In the 2nd week, still confused and through questions and answers, understanding of NLP framework and the connection between all the skills and strategies are interlinked. In the 3rd week, via hypnotherapy, helps to further consolidate NLP building blocks and the function of NLP framework. Understanding hypnotherapy is adjunct to NLP treatment strategy. Hypnotherapy provides access to unconscious mind to help therapist. Time Line Therapy TM and coaching session helps to consolidate the learning and meaning how each building blocks are interlinked. All framework, building blocks in place and the journey to will only truely begin if we continue to utilise and familiarise these concept in daily living. Small group is great with lots of questions and answers. Trainer's personal experience allows us to associate with information. Walking the walk. Master NLP is definitely a must once I consolidate practitioner learning first.

- Alvin T.

Dear Maxvale Physiotherapy Team, I would like to thank you all very much for the past week and providing me a brilliant insight into the life as a physiotherapist. I enjoyed my experience here working with each and every staff member at your practice and interacting with patients. This work placement has further cemented my desire to pursue this career and I am forever thankful to everyone at Maxvale Physiotherapy for being so welcoming. Kristian S.

- Kristian S.

Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into our final placement . We really enjoyed the placement and you have certainly challenged our way of thinking. Thank you!

- Paul+Hannah

Thank you very much for the past 5 weeks of physiotherapy placement. The passion and enthusiasm for the physiotherapy profession is highly infectious. Not only have I learnt heaps during this placement, I have learnt how to be resourceful and responsible with my learnings as a physiotherapist student and to become a better physiotherapist in the future. Thank you ! A.L. (La Trobe University)

- A.L.

Thank you Maxvale Physio team for looking after us during our final physiotherapy placement. I know that we have said that a lot but we can't emphasise enough how much we have learnt in these 5 weeks and how much we appreciate the effort you have all put in to help us to become a better physiotherapist. To the Maxvale Physiotherapy Team: You are not only outstanding physios, but also such good teachers! Thank you for inspiring us and keep inspiring more physiotherapy students in the future! Thank you! Y.L. (La Trobe University)

- Y.L.


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