Dr Max Lim Specialisation Process

Mr Peter Roberts FACP and Dr Max Lim FACP during the Australian College of Physiotherapists Graduation 2015

Specialisation Process…

The journey to the beginning of the new era by Dr Max Lim FACP Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2013).

Have you ever been in a Sauna heated by big hot rocks, only to get hotter and hotter as water splashes over them? How do you feel in the midst of the hottest sauna, experiencing big beads of sweat trickling down your forehead only to know that more water is being added into the rocks?

My process of specialising in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, to say the least, had been a gargantuan roller coaster ride. The adrenaline rush plus cortisol release into my blood stream served to pull through endless sleepless nights and trolling through piles and piles of research papers just to get to the very last detail of the sensitivity and specificity of the neurophysiological actions of manual therapy. Through my blurry eyes and caffeinated brain, the perception of what else is there to know and to undertake seemed overwhelming. One common factor stays consistent throughout these ordeals.

Passion – the passion of helping others, of wanting to give, of the curiosity and quest for more knowledge and the pride to be who we are as a physiotherapist as a profession. The fact that you have clicked the link to read more and read till this paragraph serves as a convincer for yourself if you are a physiotherapist and if you are seeking what we actually do here, you know we give our 101%.

Specialisation is the process of transforming your clinical reasoning, metacognition, values, belief system, teaching and problem solving skills into the next tier of physiotherapy. Through the rigorous process, I was mentored by a recognised Fellow of the College who had kindly agreed to devote endless amount of time and effort into my transformation. I was fortunate to be mentored by one of the giants in physiotherapy – Mr Peter Roberts FACP. With great expectations, stringent guidelines and tons of knowledge, Peter Roberts guided me through the whole process. Learning and mastering communication skills, fine-tuning differentiation skills and utilising evidence-based approach in the diagnosis and management of patients. The satisfaction of it all is when you have unravelled moments of truth to patients and guided them out of the pain paradigm or pieced together sufficient evidence to convince the patient to cease endurance coping strategies and boom-bust behaviours. Some conditions that seemed daunting to me in the past are now manageable with my new found skills.

My cohort candidate, Mr Alastair Flett, currently a great mate of mine, has ever since took off to greater new heights and undertaking greater challenges conducting courses in pain management. The camaraderie and bonding formed during the process is unbreakable and unforgettable. I mean what else can be more memorable when you are undergoing the heat and pressure of the hottest sauna? I looked at the floor, only to see my own reflection in the puddle of sweat, and realised that all the hard work that was put in and perseverance stretched were all worth it.

I am currently the Director of Maxvale Physiotherapy spanning six locations in Melbourne and lead a group of great physiotherapists aspiring to further their studies and knowledge, providing nothing but the best patient care. I also teach as an adjunct lecturer and clinical mentor with Latrobe University and work primarily as a consultant to complex cases. I call upon all Fellows of the College to come together and support the group of upcoming and growing potential physiotherapists in this process. Together, we will shine and progress towards the future.

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right”. Only by living and breathing excellence in what you do, and striving for what you believe in and are passionate about, will you be able to create the driving force for the future of physiotherapy and the generations to come.

Dr Max Lim
Director of Maxvale Physiotherapy