Do you have persistent and recurrent low back pain, neck pain or headaches? Do you have achy joints or painful muscles after a day at school, work or sports training? Is pain limiting your lifestyle? Would you like to know how to exercise safely for healthy weight loss? Do you want to stay healthy and injury-free?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, physiotherapy is for you! And these are only a few of the reasons why you might visit a physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy can assist you with your pain and get to the crux of your problem. Your physiotherapist will develop a treatment plan together with an exercise program to ensure your pain is managed with long lasting effect.

You do not need a referral as a private patient to see our physiotherapist.

However, if you would like to use Medicare or health care cards for physiotherapy, you would have to obtain a referral from your GP under the Enhanced Primary Care scheme. Discuss with your GP about your eligibility for the care plan and your GP can refer you to us using the Physiotherapy Referral Form.

Yes, we do accept all private health insurance and health care cards for physiotherapy. All funds will reimburse some of your fees if you have the extras cover. Hicaps are available onsite to allow claims on the spot. A small gap will apply and the exact amount will be determined by the fee scheme that you prescribe to.

Yes, we do accept WorkSafe and TAC clients. Please inform us with the necessary information regarding your injury upon making your appointment so we can verify your claim and ensure that you can commence your treatment within the shortest period of time. The information would include: your claim number, date of birth, date of injury, insurance company/ name of employer.

The initial consultation will involve a comprehensive examination including the history taking, goal setting and physical examination. You may be required to undress sufficiently to assess the area of concern. Your physiotherapist will make an assessment of the problem and discuss ongoing management. Treatment would follow particularly for pain management and you may be prescribed some home exercises and stretches.

The initial consultation will take from 30mins to 40mins depending on your condition. Follow up sessions takes between 20mins to 30mins. These timeframes are flexible depending on your condition. If you have multiple areas of concerns, extended consultations are available for booking. Refer to price list.

We are committed to keeping our appointments on time for all our clients. If you are running late for your appointment, we would appreciate a phone call to inform us early so we can organise your time. If you have to cancel your appointment, please allow 24 hours prior to your time of appointment so as not to deprive another client who may need the slot as much as you do. Please note that all late cancellations of less than 24hours will incur a late cancellation fee.