Jillian McNamara

Jillian McNamara

Most people know Jillian for her positive, caring, and helpful nature. She is a firm believer that a smile can go a long way. New to Melbourne from New York, Jillian loves

assisting people from all different walks of life and insuring the top care for every patient.

Before joining the Maxvale Physiotherapy team, Jillian worked as a Receptionist and

Lifeguard at a Sports Club in New York. Jillian currently hold an Associates Degree in

Liberal Arts from a Long Island University. Her love for health, fitness, well-being and helping others makes her feel right at home in her position while she hopes to continue her education.

When she has free time, Jillian takes full advantage of exploring all that Australia has to offer. She has particularly fallen in love with the street art of the Melbourne streets and the many cafes and cappuccinos. A real animal lover Jillian loves taking her dog on hikes and to check out the local markets.

To maintain her healthy lifestyle, Jillian love to swim, bike and practice yoga.