Laughlin Cowell

Laughlin Cowell – APAM Physiotherapist

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)  (Monash University)
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Clinical Pilates
  • Strength training

Laughlin is passionate about helping people to achieve their lifestyle goals

Laughlin graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours.  He takes passion and satisfaction in helping those experiencing acute or chronic injury to achieve their goals.

Laughlin has developed a keen interest in treating painful musculoskeletal conditions of the neck, back, hip, knee and shoulder. He loves working with people using manual therapy, with a combination of exercise therapy and/ or hydrotherapy to get people back onto their feet.

Besides that, Laughlin has a solid sporting background. He plays local footy in the Mornington Peninsula Football Netball League. Being a sports person himself, Laughlin understands the nature of injuries and frustrations faced by sports people and is able to relate and treat those conditions appropriately.

On top of that, Laughlin has worked with local football club (Aussie Rules). He has gained valuable experience about injury management, and assisting games-day through manual therapy.
In order to provide the best care for his clients, Laughlin embraces life-long learning in his professional development. He regularly engages in Australian Physiotherapy Association events and in-house training with Maxvale Physiotherapy to increase his repertoire of skills and knowledge. This allows him to continually stay abreast professionally. Laughlin is truely passionate about delivering the highest quality service possible to all of his patients that seek help in Maxvale Physiotherapy.
Well known by his peers that he holds integrity in what he does,  Laughlin practices what he preach. He is particularly passionate about sports, well-being and staying healthy. Likewise, he is keen to help those wanting to get back to their own sporting endeavours , or everyday activities, or to improve their performance.
Outside of work, Laughlin follows the Brisbane Lions in the AFL. Otherwise, you will find Laughlin playing footy in the Mornington Peninsular Football Netball League or you may find him in the gym to keep fit.