Phillip Newcombe

Phillip Newcombe

  • Master of Clinical Exercise Science and Rehabilitation (Victoria University)
  • Graduate Diploma in Exercise and Sports Science (Victoria University)
  • Master in Exercise and Sports Psychology (Exeter University, England)
  • ESSA accredited Exercise Physiologist (ESSAM)

Phillip has worked for 20 years on European Golf Tour as a fitness and mental training consultant. In addition Phillip has worked in the fitness industry back here in Melbourne where he has provided exercise personal training and advice to clients ranging from successful athletes to the sedentary office worker.

Phillip decided to complete his Exercise Physiology masters accreditation as he has a great passion to assist clients who had developed metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. He has developed a keen interest with clients who suffer from diabetes.

In addition, Phillip himself has had 6 knee operations and a hip replacement, so he understands both the physical and mental requirements to regain function.

He has great patience and understanding of the client’s concerns.

Phillip will be able to give you expert advice on how exercise can help you either overcome or greatly diminish any physical concerns you may have.

In Phillip’s opinion, exercise is usually the best medicine, with no side effects when performed correctly.

Phillip is a keen cyclist (to keep those knees strong), loves resistance weight training, always watches his AFL team Richmond play and spending time with his wife and 2 young children. He has also over 25 years kung fu (Wing Chun) martial arts training experience.