Our Story , Our Journey

Maxvale Physiotherapy is first established in 2009.

There is a perceived gap in modern physiotherapy knowledge and skills to effectively treat patients to help them back to function.

Our fundamental aim is to have patients that comes into the care of Maxvale Physiotherapy to be receiving quality care and be treated with integrity and professionalism. And to have an advanced physio team to deliver consistency and continuity of quality care of our patients.

In order to do so, there is a need to:

  • To pioneer Physiotherapy frontiers, with most-up-to-date evidence based cutting-edge knowledge and skills.
  • To build a strong team of like-minded and well-skilled physiotherapists to keep all our patients consistently moving forwards.
  • To embrace the values of Integrity, Passion, Lifelong learning, Care, Professionalism and Quality in all that we do.
“Passion – the passion of helping others, of wanting to give, of the curiosity and quest for more knowledge and the pride to be who we are as a physiotherapist. “

Consistency is the key with gathering the fundamentals and consolidation of knowledge and to hone clinical reasoning and skills. ( Specialisation in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy)

Together with perfecting a strong team of like-minded physiotherapists to go above and beyond themselves. A team with the heart to help people and the thirst to keep abreast of their knowledge and skills. 

Ongoing training and consistently developing physiotherapists, and to touch the lives of more people to make a difference.

“We are Maxvale Physiotherapists that make a difference.”

We aim to help and guide people from all walks of life with their pain and regain their momentum back into an enjoyable life.

Our mission is to set the highest standards in the quality of our care provided to our patients and guide them in realising their full potential in life.

Let’s keep our magic going to make a difference in people … …

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